Food for Thought: New Ideas to Retain, Grow and Engage Your Membership

There is no silver bullet to retain, grow and engage your membership. It is hard work that requires you to constantly look for new strategies. This eBook is full of new ideas to help you freshen up your membership development approach and will cover:

The Main Course: Retention
It costs less to retain a member than it does to recruit so your retention efforts should be the main course of your membership spread. We will take a look at how to optimize your membership invoice and an important “what not to do” to ensure your membership numbers keep growing.

Dessert: Recruitment
Dessert is often our most favorite part of the meal and for our Board of Directors and membership committees, getting new members takes the cake. This section will talk about how to set realistic goals for your membership recruitment effort and how to model your membership offerings after some of the most successful for-profit marketing strategies.

Eat Your Veggies: Engagement
Just like vegetables, high member engagement is nutritious for your association. This section discusses how to make membership a team effort for success and how to engage millennial members.

Course Details

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